Harnessing the power of biology
to eliminate mosquitoes

Our biological solution suppresses a mosquito's ability to breed
resulting in the elimination of nuisance and disease-burden

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The Problem

Mosquito-borne disease results in around 700M cases and 1M deaths per year with a projected $70B spend. The problem is only worsening over time due to climate change, pesticide resistance, and global trade. Existing solutions are expensive and ineffective.

The Solution

Synvect leverages CRISPR gene knockouts to sterilize mosquito eggs which freely develop into non-biting males ready to suppress dangerous mosquito populations. Synvect’s mosquito control solutions are:

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Cost efficient

Results in huge cost savings associated with production and deployment

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100x more scalable than the closest competitor, with clear global supply chain.

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Superior suppression efficacy compared to alternative products.

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User Friendly

Biological, eco-friendly, non-toxic, and easy-to-deploy without outside aid

How It Works

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Step 1


Genetic cross of CRISPR strains enables the activation of gene knockouts and results in mass production of sterilized mosquito eggs

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Step 2


Eggs packaged with nutrients into a suppression box, and can be stored and shipped globally for usage

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Step 3


When needed, water is added to the suppression box for its deployment

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Step 4


Only sterile non-biting males emerge into the environment due to the induction of gene knockouts during egg development

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Step 5


Since female mosquitoes mate only once, every mating of sterile males with wild females dwindles numbers of wild mosquitoes